Roof Cleaning

Our Process

Our roof cleaning process is the most effective method to safely renew the appearance of most any type of shingle composition. The process utilizes a Shingle-friendly detergent along with low-pressure rinsing. The results will save thousands of dollars compared to roof replacement. If you have roof stains (it’s actually algae), you will be amazed at the difference we can make.

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Roof Cleaning

Do you want to save some money this year? Here’s a way to do it. Don’t spend big dollars installing new roofing until you test drive our roof cleaning process. Most roofs are replaced just because they look bad, not because they fail. Our roof cleaning process uses a special cleaning product that is applied to asphalt shingles and most other types of roofing materials. Underneath years of dirt, algae, and grime, is a good looking roof with years of life left in it. Our cleaning process will revive a roof for less than 5% the cost of replacement. That can really add up to big savings.

In recent years, the major shingle manufacturers have been instructed by government environmental agencies to adjust the composition of materials and chemicals in shingles. For these reasons, many newer roofs have unsightly, black algae stains. The black algae stains are known as Gleocapsa Magma Algae. The algae feeds on the outer coatings of roofs. The algae will most always begin to grow on the north-facing side of a roof, because it holds the most moisture. Many homeowners have simply replaced their roofs with no other options. Now you have an option.

Yes, it would be possible to replace our concrete, carpet, siding, windows, and wood decks just because they get dirty. We know to clean them instead. The same goes for roofing. Our process will not harm the roof or surrounding landscaping. The results are simply amazing.



Our Guarantee

We guarantee our service 24 months. To prevent future algae, we also offer a treatment program at a fraction of the cost of the removal process. Our treatment program guarantees an additional 12 months per application against algae reformation. Comes with a 10% discount on all of our other services and free gutter cleaning! We also offer permanent solutions.